SHF Journeys to "The Arnold Classic 2013!"


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Another great year at the Arnold Classic! Once again I spent the entire weekend at the BSN booth. Our booth was much bigger than last year and we had a lot more fun stuff going on too! I was honored to spend each day meeting new Hermanites and seeing gains from those of you who came by the booth last year. The Arnold is by far one of my favorite events and I already can’t wait to see you all again next year!

(0:22)- Welcome to the Arnold 2013!
(0:54)- The Crowd!
(1:14)- Hermanite Interview 1
(2:05)- Hermanite Interview 2
(3:15)- DEMO: Kettlebell Squat
(3:36)- Hermanite Interview 3
(5:06)- DEMO: Toe-2-Bar
(5:42)- DEMO: Deadlift Form
(5:56)- DEMO: Barbell Bent-Over Row
(6:27)- DEMO: Barbell Bench Press
(7:11)- Hanging Leg Raise
(8:41)- Hermanite Interview 4
(11:19)- DAY 2 BEGINS!
(12:46)- Rich Froning Doing his thing
(13:43)- DEMO: Deadlift (Hip Drive)
(14:07)- Hermanite Interview 5
(18:28)- DEMO: Deadlift (Stance & Hand Position)
(19:42)- Sky view of the show! PACKED!
(20:22)- DEMO: Barbell Squat
(21:40)- DEMO: Box Jump
(24:13)- Nick Wright Joins the BSN Booth!
(25:54)- DEMO: Hammer Curl (With NWB)
(27:57)- Bench Your Bodyweight Challenge!
(28:21)- DEMO: Front Squat
(29:02)- Goodbye from Scott & Erica

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