Shoulder EccenTRICK - BUILD BIGGER SHOULDERS With This One Move!

Build Bigger Shoulders with ATHLEAN-X:

When it comes to building big shoulders it often takes more than just the same old shoulder exercises to get the job done. In fact it even takes more than the same old ways of doing the shoulder exercises to get them to grow. In this video I show you a new trick for building up your shoulder muscle size by manipulating the eccentric portion of the rep.

Many say that the eccentric portion of the rep is the most important for getting the muscle that you’re working out to grow, in this case the shoulders. Focusing solely on the lifting part of the repetition can lead you to miss out on half of the muscle building benefits of the exercise.

By slowly lowering the weights you force the shoulders to contract even harder at the exact moment that causes the most muscle damage (which is a good thing since it leads to more muscle repair and bigger shoulders in the end). That said, with shoulder exercises in particular its’ not always easy to put your body in the right position to execute the negative part of the shoulder workout or exercise specifically.

See how it’s done with this variation of a shoulder dumbbell clean and press and an eccentric front deltoid raise.

When you’re done watching this week’s video and want to build more than just your shoulders, then head over to and get the system that top level pro athletes and guys that want to look like one are turning to…the ATHLEAN-X Training System. You can build a complete athletic ripped body from your shoulders to your legs.

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