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Overhead shoulder pressing, either with a barbell or dumbbells, is one of the most effective yet potentially harmful exercises you can do…especially if you already have shoulder joint or impingement pain. That is…unless…you know how to modify the shoulder press to eliminate the aggravating part of the exercise.

In this video I’m going to show you how you can modify the classic dumbbell shoulder press to still get the amazing shoulder muscle building benefits of the exercise without the discomfort that can come from having your elbows pointing out to your sides. Before you think that you will be sacrificing the amount of weight that you can lift on this shoulder exercise with the tweak I’m going to show you, make sure you watch the end of the video and I’ll show you how to instantly overload your shoulder muscles (without aggravating the joints) with the single arm press variation.

If you look at the normal anatomy of the shoulder, and the glenohumeral joint in particular, you notice that the natural angle of the glenoid fossa is slightly forward. This means that when you perform overhead shoulder pressing with your elbows straight out to your side that you’re going against the anatomy and causing potential for structural damage.

By making the adaptation shown in this workout video, you’ll see not only how but why making this shoulder overhead pressing switch can very well be the solution you’ve been waiting for to get your shoulder bigger without damaging your joints in the process.

That said, if you feel that you’ve been looking for a complete solution to getting bigger and more developed muscles without the breakdown that comes from lifting too heavy or at the wrong time with the wrong program, then you should definitely check out the physical therapist created ATHLEAN-X program by Jeff Cavaliere. From the trainer to some of the world’s most elite athletes to you…the ATHLEAN-X program is now available at

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