SHOULDER TRAINING MISTAKE! - Avoid the "Traps Trap" for Bigger Shoulders

The ATHLEAN-X™ Training System:

By far one of the biggest mistakes I see in shoulder training is the way people perform their side lateral raises. In an effort to get bigger shoulders, far too often the “Traps Trap” mistake is committed and shoulder size and growth is held back.

In this video I’m going to show you how you can improve your shoulder training and get bigger shoulders by making one slight adjustment with the way you do your side deltoid raises. It all starts with the traps. The tendency is to swing the weights up to the top of the movement by using NOT just your deltoids but your trapezius muscles as well.

This is fine if you’re trying to build your traps, but it’s going to make your deltoid muscle development suffer, you’ll have smaller shoulders because of it…and you really won’t be hitting your traps all that much either since the weight won’t be heavy enough to make a difference.

Remember, it’s all about HOW you do a shoulder exercise and not just WHAT shoulder exercise you’re doing when you’re trying to get the most out of your shoulder training. With the ATHLEAN-X Training System by Jeff Cavaliere you’ll see how pro athletes train and be trained by a real professional athlete trainer. You’ll get the most out of not only your shoulder workouts but every workout you do from here on in. It’s time to get ATHLEAN!

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