Shoulder Workout CHEAT!! (Fix this for Bigger Delts Now!)

Fix your workouts now (see faster results!)

One of the most popular exercises in shoulder workouts is the front dumbbell raise for the front delts. The problem is, it’s one of the most misperformed exercises people do for their shoulders. As I show you in this video, the tendency is to use heavier weights than can be handled completely by the delts. When raising the weights up to shoulder level, the weights usually stop too low and the person leans back to make it appear as if they dumbbells are going higher. This cheat is one of the fastest ways to defuse your shoulder workout and leave you with anything but bigger rounder shoulders.

To combat this shoulder workout cheat you need to focus on contracting the front delts to perform the exercise and eliminate the momentum. You can do this by taking a stride stance with one foot out in front of the other. Lean slightly forward at the trunk and raise the dumbbells to shoulder height with nothing but pure deltoid contraction. Lower the dumbbells slowly and eccentrically control the descent with your front delts.

This fix can help recharge your shoulder workout and help you get bigger delts now! In fact, if you start doing this correctly you should expect to see your front delts pop more noticeably in just the next few shoulder workouts you do.

It just goes to show you that shoulder exercises are just exercises when they appear on paper or in the magazines. They only become effective at building bigger shoulders when they are done properly.

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