Shoulder Workout "MUST" - Bulletproof Shoulders Exercise!

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The problem with most shoulder workouts is that the shoulder exercises they’re made up of don’t fully address the balance of the shoulder. You see, in addition to the shoulder being a joint that can be flexed and extended, abducted and adducted, rotation is by far one of it’s most important functions! The problem? Most people never do shoulder exercises or workouts for the shoulders that addresses this need! Big problem.

When the shoulder is not trained with exercises that directly target external rotation it is left in a vulnerable position. What’s worse, when all of your upper body workouts focus on the bigger muscles with chest exercises, shoulder exercises, lat and back exercises, tricep exercises, etc you’re actually only further contributing to the imbalance!

In this video you’ll see the importance of shoulder external rotation exercises for your rotator cuff and how doing them can literally unlock the potential strength you’ll be able to develop in the rest of your upper body exercises.

For a complete program that incorporates the exact shoulder exercises to do for your rotator cuff and when to do them, head to and grab your 90 day ATHLEAN-X Training System. Let celebrity pro athlete trainer Jeff Cavaliere show you exactly how to build your strongest most resilient body in the next 12 weeks!

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