Shoulder Workout Wizardry - Front and Side Delt Training At ONCE!

Two of the biggest staple exercises of any “shoulder workout” are “front and side delt raises”. The reason being is that they are effective for targeting the particular head of the deltoid and developing shoulder strength and size. That said, the fact that both have to be done individually means that you are extending your workout longer than it has to be….at least now with AthLEAN-X you won’t have to keep doing this! You can now do front and side delt training at once!

With this combo deltoid destroyer you can be sure that you’re targeting both heads of the delts at one time. But that’s not enough. You see…often times there is a lot of confusion around about how to properly perform the side lateral raise. “Tilt your pinky higher than your thumb is what you hear”.

Watch as I dispel that myth and hopefully save your shoulders in the process. Then, after you’ve seen how creative and effective your shoulder training can become with just one simple exercise….head over to and get the entire 90 day training program that shows you step by step how to train like the pros!

Celebrity Trainer Jeff Cavaliere unlocks his vault of pro athlete training secrets and makes them available to you! The NeXt Generation of Fitness is here!

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