Shoulders & Hamstrings Day! Muscle Gain!


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Shoulders & hamstrings, an unlikely pairing that promises great results! By training shoulders and hamstrings on the same day you will be able to fully exert yourself on both your upper body and lower body. For me, this also gives me a chance to train shoulders twice a week to help improve on them. You will be focusing on a high volume type of workout here with 4 sets per exercise and 8 reps per set! Keep your rest periods short and dig deep to take this workout head on and push it to the limit Nation! #HTH

• 8 reps per set
• 4 sets per exercise
• Rest 60 – 90 seconds between sets

(0:16)- Erica gets her stack ready and tries to get me out of my chair..
(1:34)- Routine sets & reps

(1:43)- Shoulders
(1:44)- Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press
(2:35)- Dumbbell Y-Raise

(3:13)- Superset
(3:14)- Seated Dumbbell Arnold Press
(4:17)- Truck Driver (1 — 1 Count)

(5:37)- Hamstrings
(5:37)- Barbell Stiff-Leg Deadlift
(6:47)- Prone Leg Curl
(7:29)- Single-Leg Leg Curl

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