Six Pack Abs Challenge - THE 200 REP AB SCORCHER!

Everyone wants six pack abs…and it’s surely a challenge to get them….but if you’re willing to endure at least a little discomfort (like with this 200 rep ab scorcher) you can get them once and for all!

One of the most important aspects of ab training is to make sure that you’re always pushing your body further and further to ensure new and better results. As your abs get stronger you want to constantly challenge them with unique ways and exercises to make sure they continue to respond.

This new 200 rep Ab Scorcher is my latest example of this.

Just when the newly crowned “MR. X” Ben May thought he couldn’t get his abs to develop any more than they already were…I came up with this advanced version of the canoe ab exercise to do just that.

After you’re done watching this…make sure you head over to and grab your copy of the same exact program that Ben used to lose body fat and gain muscle at the same time and grab the title of Mr. X for the best body reconstruxion.

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