Soccer Workout | World Cup Workout | Goooaaalll!!

In the spirit of TEAM USA’s recent advance in the 2010 World Cup…AthLEAN-X brings you the inspired “World Cup Workout”! It’s time to get your abs, core, chest, triceps, and legs firing on all cylinders and “kicking” into high gear as you start putting this 8 minute soccer workout to work for you!

In order to get the body of a pro athlete you have to train like one. This means that you’ve got to train to build muscle…but at the same time you’ve got to include explosive movements, footwork, balance, agility and speed. All of these elements together will give you that hidden element that is often overlooked in traditional bodybuilding workouts.

Not so here. The athleticism involved in the “World Cup Soccer Workout” will definitely put you on the fast track to “athlean”. Once you try this workout and feel like you’re ready to move on (like TEAM USA!) then head over to and get your copy of the 90 day athletic body creating system – AthLEANX!


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