SPIDERMAN PULLUPS - Advanced Pullup Technique!

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The pullup is one of the most difficult bodyweight exercises one can do since it requires you to lift your entire weight up to the bar! That said, make it a Spiderman Pullup and you’ve just amped up the difficulty by 10 times!

In this video, I show you how to master one of the more advanced versions of the pullup and how you can start cranking out more and more reps of this difficult back exercise!

Get a wider back by including this pullup exercise into your next back workout and you’ll start seeing that getting results in your back is not as hard as you may have originally thought.

The spiderman pullup gets it’s name from the fact that you’ll be looking like you’re scaling a building as you do this lat and back exercise. By bringing the hip up to meet your elbow you will not only engage your core more than in a regular pullup but you will require more strength from your back and arms.

Once you’ve tried this advanced pullup technique be sure to head over to http://athleanx.com and get your complete ATHLEAN-X Training System! Celebrity Trainer Jeff Cavaliere brings you more advanced training techniques just like this pullup exercise to get your entire body in “pro athlete” shape in the next 90 days. Will you be ATHLEAN?

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