Sprints And Plyos Track Workout | Samantha Ann Leete

Want to take your lower-body workout to the great outdoors? Bodybuilding.com athlete Samantha Leete hits the track to show you how!
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Most of my workouts take place in the gym, but sometimes I need a change of scenery. I’m a former track and field athlete, so my first impulse is often to grab my sneakers and find an outdoor track.

Whenever I’m asked what I do to work my lower body, I recommend workouts like my Sprints and Plyos Track Workout. It’s a four-part routine that incorporates a full warm-up, plyometrics for speed and explosiveness, sprints for cardio, and stair work for lower-body strength. This workout allows me to burn a ton of calories while building speed, strength, and conditioning.

Whether you’re fighting the winter doldrums or looking for an excuse to enjoy the summer sun, taking your routine outdoors into the fresh air can do wonders for your mood. Not to mention, it nearly always smells better than the gym!

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