Squat More Weight Instantly (ALL ABOUT ABS!)

Put the core at the core of every exercise you do here…

Squatting more weight is one of the primary goals of anyone that steps into a gym at some point in their development. There is no denying the importance of the squat when it comes to helping you build both impressive lower body strength and function. Whether or not you are an athlete, the squat (in some form) is incredibly vital to your strength and performance in the sport of life.

That said, many times the simplest part of the squat is often overlooked in the pursuit of the more intricate details of perfecting squat form. For instance, when one wants to increase their squat and squat more weight they pay careful attention to the direction of their toes, the tracking of their knees, and the position of the bar on their back, etc. While all of these are incredibly important they aren’t the easiest things to fix, especially if you have structural issues that make these almost impossible to correct.

The easiest, fastest and sometimes most significant thing you can do to squat more weight instantly is to fix your breathing and concentrate on your core. Contrary to what you may have been told regarding breathing patterns on exercises, you don’t want to breathe in as you descend into your squat. This is the fastest way to de-stabilize your entire core and create an incredible energy leak that will sap much of your strength that you’ll have in this exercise.

What you want to do is breathe out just before you descend and forcefully contract your abs to tighten up your core as hard as possible. Then, without breathing in, enter the descent of the squat and perform your next rep. Once you get back to the top of the rep you can breathe in. You can reset if need be during this inhale and then once again exhale and contract your abs before settling into the bottom of your next rep.

This quick fix can literally be done the very next time you squat and you should see an immediate increase in the amount of weight you can lift. You can even test this for yourself using a bodyweight squat. Stand up and perform a rep while breathing in as you go down. You should feel that your descent is not as stable or strong as it could be. Perform it again by first breathing out and contraction your abs and you should feel much stronger.

It’s training tips like these, rooted in sports training science and not gimmicky shortcuts, that have helped those that follow this channel and the ATHLEAN-X programs to make incredible gains in strength and build awesome physiques. If you are looking for a complete training program that helps you train like an athlete, head to http://athleanx.com and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System.

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