Could you use more than just a boost in your squat strength? Time for ATHLEAN-X

Most guys will quickly admit that they wish they were able to squat heavier or simply have a stronger squat. They may even work on perfecting their squat technique along the way to this goal. The problem is, they do everything they can to improve the strength of their quads, glutes and hips and wind up overlooking one of the most important “secret weapons” for squatting. I’m talking about ignoring the importance of the adductor muscles!

In this video, I show you how to quickly determine if your adductors are too weak and possibly limiting the amount of weight you can squat. From here, I show you a simple technique that you can do with no equipment, right in your home! This squat technique will teach you to activate your adductors in such a way as to train them to help you power out of the bottom of the squat position.

When you descend into the low position of the squat, your knees travel slightly outward (to stay in line with the toes). This lengthens the adductor muscles by moving the insertion further away from the origin (the knee and the pelvis respectively). By creating this increased length you are essentially creating a stretch reflex or rubber band effect that helps you to rebound out of the bottom of the squat.

When your adductors are weak however, you will not be able to stabilize the knee to be in line with the foot in this low squat position. This will cause you to lose the created potential energy of the stretch reflex and sap some of the power that you should have had, had this not occurred.

Start incorporating this squat technique secret weapon into your lower body or leg workouts. Just do a few sets at the beginning of the workout without using any extra weight at all. It’s simply to ignite or turn on the adductors so that they can more efficiently do their job once you put the real weight on the bar.

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