Sting at Wrestlemania 31 (Workout and Training Advice)

Train like Sting with the ATHLEAN-X Training System

Sting (Steve Borden) is set to make his WWE debut at Wrestlemania 31. In preparing his body for the rigors of his match against Triple H, Sting has been undergoing an extensive workout and nutrition regimen that includes a heavy focus on mobility, flexibility, strength, and stamina.

Regardless of what your thoughts are on professional wrestling, there is no denying the athleticism that is needed to pull off the entertainment of the crowd. Moving slowly or with difficulty is something that is readily apparent to the fans and can lead to an unentertaining match. In order to wow the crowd, there must be moments of physicality that make those watching say “I can’t believe he can still do that”.

Understanding all of this, we set out to prepare a comprehensive training plan that consisted of multiple phases in a progressive flow. Each training phase focused on something slightly different from the one before it…building on the strengths from that phase to continue down the path of the overall goal.

In this video, Sting himself explains the value of training for the event and not peaking at the wrong time. Workouts are often designed to drain somebody in order to make them feel like they accomplished something in the gym. While that may be an effective method sometimes, that is certainly not an effective method all the time. Here we discuss the importance of periodizing your training and workout plan leading up to a significant date.

Regardless of the outcome of the match at Wrestlemania 31 with HHH, the goal is for the long time icon of wrestling to do what he always does…puts on a great performance! He wants to wow with his physical abilities despite doing this at the age of 56. He is more ready than ever to do it.

Looking forward to supporting one of the most respected men in the game. He’s worked hard and deserves the reaction he will receive from the crowd from bell to bell.

If you’re looking to start accomplishing things others or maybe even you never thought you were capable of, then head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. Regardless of your age it’s never too late to start training like an athlete.

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