STOP ANKLE SPRAINS (In Just 3 Quick Exercises!!)

Injury-proof your body (and get strong and ripped in the process!)

Ankle sprains and twisted ankles are by far one of the most common injuries suffered by both men and women. The critical importance of the ankle joint, as well as it’s roll as one of the first links in the kinetic chain, make it vulnerable to being sprained and injured.

In this video, I show you how to stop sprained ankle injuries before they happen with 3 quick exercises or drills. The biggest problem with ankle injuries is that once you incur them, you often times wind up having it happen again. Once the ligaments are compromised in the ankle joint, the muscles are often simply not strong enough to take over. That is, unless you were training your ankles with the right exercises and focus all along.

I show you in this video how most people focus on mobilizing their ankle and calf muscles while stabilizing their ankle joints. What they should be doing is exactly the opposite! If you want to fortify your ankle joints you need to start mobilizing them and building up stability in your lower leg muscles.

The leg swing exercises shown here will do just that. Most people think that these are not ankle exercises since they focus on the moving leg. However, if you look at the stresses being applied to the ankle on the ground you’ll see just how effective these can be for getting the mobility you need to prevent injury to this vulnerable joint.

Grade II and III ankle sprains (as well as high ankle sprains) can be serious injuries that are tough to truly come back 100 percent from. It’s better to learn the right things you can do either before you hurt them or even after just the first few times, to prevent you from having this happen over and over again.

For a complete plan for bullet proofing your body (beyond just your ankles) and getting the perfect balance of mobility and stability in your muscles and joints, be sure to head to and get your ATHLEAN-X Training System.

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