Stop Exercising (IT DOESN’T WORK!)

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It doesn’t matter if you want to burn fat or build muscle, you will need to stop exercising if you want to get there. In this video, I’m going to tell you why doing exercise is not the best or fastest way to get either result since it implies randomness and a lack of intention. Instead, if you want to start getting results you will want to start training and lifting with intention.

Intention, is the key component of action that determines the difference between something that is goal oriented and something that is random. Far too often, people walk into a gym and do what they feel like doing at the moment rather than what they should be doing. While you may get lucky every now and then to have this align with your goal at the moment (fat loss, muscle growth, etc), you likely won’t get this right very often at all. Because of this, you will sacrifice your ability to achieve that goal in the long run.

The thing that compounds this is the fact that this delayed progress is one of the biggest deterrents to continued effort. We all have a different tolerance to how long we are willing to work without seeing results (or noticeable enough results to keep us motivated to keep training). Once that threshold is crossed for you, you likely will stop working out and give up.

That said, had you stopped just randomly doing things in the gym and started doing things with a plan and with intent…you would have seen how your exercise regimen would have become a training routine and how results started appearing much faster. It is only with a plan based on purposeful training will you ever get to the goal you have (or even define the goal you are after more clearly).

When you are indecisive about what your goal is, and more importantly the steps you are going to take to get there, you will find it almost impossible to achieve it. Beyond this however is the all important development of confidence that comes with setting a goal and achieving it. Once you set your mind to a specific goal and put the intention of effort behind getting there, you become empowered and open up the possibility of achieving even more.

Try to stop randomly doing things with your body and instead start planning on a progression of what you are going to do to your body and you will see faster results. If you are looking for a training routine that is specific to your decided upon goal, head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System or Max Size or Shred programs. Each one will specifically guide you to getting to the goal that you have defined as most important to you now.

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