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Strength and size aren’t something that you acquire because you pick up a magazine and you follow a training article, or you employ some type of new training technique. Strength and size are the byproducts of mental fortitude and of pushing yourself consistently. They’re the result of subjecting your body to stress that it hasn’t encountered before. They’re about creating the necessary adaptive response that it takes for your body to get bigger and stronger.

I’ve put together a program with the purpose of getting stronger, bigger, and better conditioned—in that order. These three things are what every lifter should strive for. It’s a 12-week program split into three phases, each with a separate goal: strength, then size, then conditioning.

I invite you to embrace the pain and find out what you’re made of. This is going to be heavy. This is going to be hard. You’re going to have to routinely place your body under a load it’s not accustomed to and figure out how to move it for reps.

But 12 weeks from now, I can promise it will all be worth it. Here’s what you’ll be doing.

Before you do anything else, you’re going to focus on building strength. This is crucial, even if you’re not someone with the goal of being a powerlifter. Even if your goals are purely aesthetic, you’ll have the best results toward that goal by being able to push heavy weights.

Why? Simply put, the stronger you are, the more weight you can push over a greater rep range. This results in more muscle growth and more fat burning. Here’s what your split will look like:

Monday: Legs
Wednesday: Chest
Friday: Back
That’s right; during Phase 1, you’re only going to be in the gym three days a week. That’s by design. I want you to be rested. I want you to give everything you can to your workouts.

I’ve cut out a lot of accessory work, too. You’re not going to be training your arms or shoulders. You’re not going to be training your calves or abs, either. Your leg day is just four moves. Your chest and back days are just two moves apiece.

I want you to focus. With just a few moves a day, there’s no excuse not to give them everything you’ve got.

When people pose the question of whether higher reps or higher weight is more important for muscle growth, my answer is both. You need heavy weight and higher reps if you’re going to build the maximum amount of muscle possible.

The strength you gained in the first phase is now going to be used to gain muscle in the second phase. While strength is critical, working in a lower rep range won’t necessarily allow for the greatest amount of muscle gain on its own. But when you apply the strength acquired in the first leg of the program in a higher rep range, you’ll probably notice an appreciable amount of muscle gain.

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