Summer Workout JOLT! - Insane 8 Minute Workout

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Is your Summer workout plan in need of a JOLT? If you’re like most people, it probably does. In the Summer, it’s hard to maintain the same level of enthusiasm that you had when you were working out, following proper nutrition and training to look great BEFORE the Summer had arrived.

But, maybe you’ve already shown up at the beach sporting a beach body that you’re not that proud of and figure you might as well have fun the rest of the Summer instead of spending it trying to get a better body, build muscle, burn fat, and get in shape with not much beach time left.

Well, before you give up, you need to start looking at HOW you’re training. If you’re trying to get more muscular, build muscle, lose fat and get in shape by doing one hour workouts then you’ll definitely not get there in time to show up on the beach looking your best. Most likely, you’re overtraining.

When you train the right way however, and do workouts that tax your muscles in the shortest time necessary, you can get great results and actually regain your enthusiasm for working out again. Let this Summer Workout “JOLT” give you that Jolt that you need to get back in shape fast.

When you’re done with this 8 minute workout, head over to to see more workouts that you can do for your biceps, back, abs, chest, triceps, and legs to get that athletic looking physique you’ve been wanting. It’s all about ATHLEAN-X Training and how training like an athlete can give you results you never thought you could get doing traditional workouts. Give the “JOLT” a test run and then turn your 8 minute workout into one that is no longer than 30-40 minutes with ATHLEANX and see those results soon.

For more workouts that aren’t much longer than 8 minutes check out our youtube channel at

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