Super Heavyweight Mass Building Back Workout | Brandon Beckrich

Make your back bigger, thicker, wider, and more detailed with this workout from Super Heavyweight NPC Bodybuilder and Kaged Muscle Athlete, Brandon Beckrich.
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| Brandon Bekrich’s Mass Building Back Workout |
1. Kneeling Close-Grip Pulldowns: 5 sets, 12 reps
2. Dead-Stop Rows: 4 sets, 12 reps
3. Chest Supported T-Bar Rows: 5 sets, 12 reps
4. One-Arm Hammer Rows: 5 Sets, 10 reps (per arm)
5. Seated Cable Rows: 5 sets, 12 reps
6. Rope Straight-Arm Pull Down: 5 sets, 12 reps

If you are—or aspire to be—a physique competitor or bodybuilder, I don’t need to impress upon you how critical it is to have a well-developed back. As for the rest of you, I get that it may take some convincing. You don’t see your back when you’re looking in the mirror, and people don’t see it when you’re entering a room, so it’s understandable if back development isn’t at the top of your workout schedule.

But ask yourself this: What do people see when they look at you from behind? Are they dazzled by a rugged, thick, flaring wedge of iron? Or is there a void between your shoulders; a flat, muscle-less expanse that cries weakness?

You’ve got to respect your back, brother, so here are six workouts for six specific back-development goals. Choose the one (or more) that matches your individual needs, then go after it for 4-6 weeks to become a true 360-degree badass.

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