Superman vs. Batman - THE WORKOUT!! (Cavill & Affleck)

Superman or Batman – Build a superhuman physique by training like an athlete

The buzz is already at a fever pitch, Superman vs Batman the movie is heading to theaters next year. As soon as the news was announced, people already started speculating what the plot would be and whether Superman and Batman would be teaming up or fighting it out. At ATHLEAN-X, we’ll focus on something more important to us. The workouts that these guys are doing to get ready for this movie!

In this Superman vs Batman movie workout, I show you the techniques that Henry Cavill used in his workouts to prepare for the role of the super man as well as the rumored workouts that Ben Affleck is using to build muscle for the role of the caped crusader.

We take the best of Henry Cavill’s workout and Ben Affleck’s workout to come up with the ultimate superhero workout.

The workout is performed as follows:

Perform each of the 5 exercises listed as a series of three drop sets (with no rest between), doing 10 reps then 6 reps and finally 4 reps. Each time you decrease the reps you want to make sure you increase the weight that you are using so that you come close to failure each time.

The exercises are as follows:

1. DB Clean and Press – Works the total body with focus on shoulders
2. Battle Axes – Works the back and core muscles
3. Underhand DB Bench Press – Works the chest and triceps muscles
4. DB Lunge and Curls – Killer leg and bicep workout combo
5. Ab Assault Combo – 3 moves (oblique raise, straight raise, knee raise) to target the abs

Try to perform this challenging Superman vs. Batman movie workout and see if you can do your best Ben Affleck or Henry Cavill impression.

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