Supplements Review Part 3 - High Grade OMEGA-3s (Muscle Recovery Monster!)

Pharmaceutical Grade Omega-3’s Here:

As we continue with the part 3 of the supplements review we come to perhaps the most important of all…High Grade Omega-3s. I say the most important because omega-3’s exert the most powerful antiinflammatory effects on the body that any over the counter supplement can offer.

By controlling inflammation, you can literally put a stop to the progressive negative recovery that most athletes, bodybuilders and weight trainers find themselves in.

The only problem is, your body cannot make the omega-3s. They HAVE to be gotten either through your diet or supplementation. What compounds this even more is the fact that due to the fact that most people don’t eat enough fish to support their need (you’d have to eat up to 6 ounces a day for maximum benefits) 84% of people are chronically deficient….and it’s costing you in your attempts to build new muscle and recover from your workout.

That said, not all grades of omega-3 supplements are the same….far from it! Commonly the brands sold on the popular supplement store shelves are low grade products filled with inactive free fatty acids. See not only what high grade fish oils can do but more importantly, how they can benefit you within even just a week of use while training!

Head to to get your high grade omega-3’s today…the same exact brand that I use.

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