Swoleesi: The Powerlifting Mother of DraGAINS | Amber Abweh

If you can’t sit on an iron throne, the next best thing is to rip iron plates off the ground. Meet Amber Abweh, aka Swoleesi, a rising powerlifter who decided to embrace strength instead of simply chasing shredded abs, and has never looked back!
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It’s no surprise that women look up to her, but powerlifter Amber Abweh, also known as “Swoleesi” on YouTube® and Instagram, isn’t interested in sitting on iron. She wants to lift it, bend it, and make it her bitch.

Not only does the cosplay fan look like Daenerys Targaryen, she kicks an equal amount of butt. At just 123 pounds, Amber squats more than double her body weight, benches nearly 1.5 times her weight, and deadlifts nearly four times her body weight. With this kind of power, she’s clearly the Mother of DraGAINS.


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