Target Your UPPER CHEST (Pec Isolation Reality!!)

Build a bigger chest – from upper to lower and everywhere in between!

One of the most common workout questions out there is how to target your upper chest (or inner, outer, and lower for that matter). Guys want to know if there is a specific chest exercise that would allow them to get a bigger upper chest, faster, if done in their workouts.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few myths and broscience arguments made to support whether or not this is true. Getting to the bottom of the topic and getting you the right answer is the focus of this chest training video.

Here I show you that there are absolutely two separate areas of the pec major muscle…each with its own nerve innervation. There are sternal and clavicular areas. Contraction of the pecs or chest occurs as an “all or none” phenomenon, meaning that you cannot just contract the lower, outer, upper, or inner chest. That said, with contraction you do have control of the intensity of the squeeze. This is affected by the number of motor units and muscle fibers that are recruited during the contraction.

The upper chest fibers are at a greater mechanical advantage to work when the flexion of the shoulder passes 90 degrees and is combined with horizontal adduction and internal rotation of the shoulder. That means, in order to get a bigger upper chest you want to be sure to include chest exercises that put your arm in this position.

It is true that you can influence the degree of upper pec or chest growth by using the correct chest exercises in your workouts.

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