Testosterone: How To Optimize Your T-Levels Through Nutrition & Lifestyle!

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Testosterone is a really hot topic right now when it comes to muscle gains. I receive questions on a daily basis about what members can do to increase their T levels, so I decided to do a two part series all about “Testosterone” and “Testosterone Boosters”. The key fact is that testosterone is crucial to maximizing your muscle gains!

In today’s video we’re going to talk about the role testosterone plays when it comes to gaining muscle and how you can maintain an optimal level of T in your system with proper eating and healthy living habits.

In the next video I am going to analyze in detail natural testosterone boosters as a supplement to see whether or not they really work.

(0:16)- Intro to testosterone & fitness
(1:39)- What is testosterone?
(2:17)- How does testosterone help with muscle growth?
(3:26)- How does your body produce testosterone?
(5:23)- What is free testosterone?
(6:17)- How to optimize your T levels
(6:37)- Keep your body fat % low
(7:20)- Get sleep
(7:40)- Lift weights!
(8:10)- Eat your fats
(9:17)- Take it easy on the alcohol
(9:42)- Keep stress under control!
(10:03)- Final thoughts
(10:29)- Discuss testosterone in the forums here!

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