The #1 Back Exercise...JUST GOT BETTER!

The #1 Back Exercise in my opinion is arguably not the pullup or the dumbbell pullover exercises. No, for sheer mass, depth and back thickness…the best back exercise for my money is the bent over barbell row.

Well imagine if there was a way to make that bent over barbell row even better? There is…by using resistance bands to assist the movement in its most difficult part of the rep!

When you’re performing the bent over row back exercise, the hardest part of the rep is the bottom where you need to overcome inertia and get the weight moving, all while needing to keep your lower back safely secure and stabile.

Believe me…it’s quite the challenge and really, with most people failing to do this correctly they usually wind up abandoning the exercise all together and this is a big mistake. Don’t stop doing this #1 Back Exercise unless you want less than the best results!

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