The 26 Rep KILLER AB Workout (Seriously!!)

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Who would have thought that just 26 reps could make for a killer ab workout. Well, it does and it’s time to put your abs and core to the test to see how far you can make it in this six pack challenge. One of the most important ab exercises you can do is a plank. That said, the standard variation of this exercise is often not enough to challenge the most ab hardened individuals. In order to make this easy ab exercise one capable of challenging your core, you’ve got to add perturbations and disturbances to your core.

This alphabet ab workout challenge requires you to attempt to spell out your abc’s while maintaining a plank position on a physioball. You can do them in either lower case or caps. If you want to seriously sizzle your six pack, then you should try and make it through your alphabet in both caps and lower case without resting.

This abs workout is an example of just how much you have to challenge the stability of your core if you want to see significant changes in their strength and appearance. Your abdominals are postural muscles that are used to firing all day long. They need to be worked for stability as well as strength.

When you utilize the physioball, you are introducing an unstable surface to your traditional ab exercises. This requires that your abs work that much harder to prevent the ball from slipping away or your lower back from caving in to gravity. Make sure that when you attempt this ab workout that you try to make big letters. The bigger the letters and the more you move the physioball, the harder this ab workout will be and the more benefit you will get from it.

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