The “300” Workout for Abs (OFFICIAL!)

Get ripped abs and build athletic muscle in 90 days

This workout for abs is unlike any you’ve likely every tried before. If the 300 reps don’t get you, perhaps the weighted ab workout will. In this video, I throw down a challenge to see who can complete the 300 workout for abs and find out how fast you can get all the reps done. With a beginner and advanced version of the ab workout included, you have no excuses but to try one and start getting your six pack showing more than it is now.

The structure of the ab workout is similar but scaled depending on your ability level. In the beginner version of this abs workout you will use nothing but your own bodyweight and the floor. It starts with an exercise called sit up reach ups to be performed for 50 repetitions. The goal with this and every other ab exercise in this workout is to try and get through all of the reps without resting. That said, I realize that this may be very difficult for many who will do this. In that case, do as many as you can and keep your rest to a minimum in an attempt to get through all the reps as quickly as possible.

Next move is to perform 25 side crunches to the right and left. The key here is to contract both your abs and your obliques in order to maximize the effectiveness of this killer. Without resting, move right into the russian twists. Here again, you are going to be working your abs to each side however this time you want to complete 50 reps right and left.

The next exercise is a creative ab movement called the hi/low scissors. The goal here is to perform a lower abs targeting scissor movement while crossing the legs in a low to the ground position and again up higher. Try to keep your head and shoulders off the ground in order to maximize the engagement of the upper abs as well.

Finally, finish with the leaning knee drives for 25 reps to the right and left sides in order to work those obliques even more. Wrap it up with the wiper plank in order to put the finishing touches on that six pack that you are working hard for.

When you are ready to step up the challenge, remember to move onto the advanced workout for abs version of the 300. This one incorporates a barbell and weighted ab training, making it perfect for the gym. Never under train your abs again with this new weapon in your ab workout arsenal. Challenge a friend to see how quickly you can complete the challenge in good form.

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