The 5 Best “Ab” Exercises (YOU’RE NOT DOING!)

Put your core at the core of every exercise here…

Ab exercises don’t always have to involve the abs directly in order to be effective. In fact, if you really want to work your abs and get them to look their best you better be doing more than just direct ab exercise and workouts. In this video, I show you how to make 5 simple tweaks to common exercises that you use when training your upper body that will allow you to increase your ab training volume. These small changes will lead to major improvements in your core and abs in no time.

Indirect ab exercises can be performed by changing the basic exercises you do in the rest of your workouts. For instance, a traditional incline dumbbell bench press can become a core crusher by simply doing it with one dumbbell at a time. By using a heavy weight on one side of the body, you force the opposite side of your core, obliques, etc to work hard to prevent you from tipping to the side of the dumbbell.

This same concept can be applied to back training as well. I show you how both the one arm row and v-grip pullups can be modified just slightly to make sure the abs are fired up throughout the exercise. The best part is that you don’t have to compromise the effectiveness of the originally intended exercise to make it an ab exercise as well. By simply altering the positioning of your feet, hands, or both you can make a major impact on your abs.

We call this concept, putting your core at the core of every exercise. It’s paramount to training like an athlete. Athletes are not afforded the opportunity to function in controlled environments. When they move during a sport or game they are often moving in three dimensions and unpredictable ways. If you only train your abs with exercises that move you in one plane at a time, you’ll never be prepared enough to handle the real world stresses that will be placed upon them.

This is why the ATHLEAN-X Training System includes both direct and indirect ab exercises. We help you to build a ripped six pack while keeping your core functionally strong by hitting your abs from every angle. You can find out more about these workouts and start doing some of these unique ab exercises yourself by heading to and clicking on the products.

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