The ALL-IN-ONE AB EXERCISE - Abs, Obliques, Pillar Strength!!

Which Ab Exercise or exercises are you concentrating on now? There are so many ab exercises to choose from….some focusing on your six pack, others on your obliques, and others on what we call pillar strength. What if I told you there was ONE EXERCISE that could work ALL of these areas at once?

There is…and it’s called the AthLEAN-X Drawbridge!

Using just a single dumbbell and two benches or platforms to support your body, this bridge variation is easy to start incorporating into your workouts right now and in time for your new body in 2011!

Once you’ve seen how quickly and effectively you can start changing your body when you start doing the right all-in-one exercises you’ll want to get the rest of your body in shape, and it’s time to turn to the #1 system that athletes and others are turning to to get them there…..AthLEAN-X!

Find AthLEAN-X and your new body at today!

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