The Best CHEST EXERCISE You’re Not Doing…RIGHT!

Build a bigger, more chiseled chest with this full workout…

There are a lot of different chest exercises, but very few that you can load up with enough weight to serve as the anchor exercise for your chest workout. Bench press variations (incline, decline, flat) are usually the go to chest exercise for building mass in your pecs. In this video, I’m going to show you another option that often gets relegated to the end of the workout and higher reps. If your goal is to build a bigger chest then you need to change that starting now.

Dips are one of the better ways to target the chest (as well as the front deltoids, and to a lesser extent the triceps – if you perform them correctly). That said, treating this exercise as a bodyweight chest exercise is not the best thing you can be doing. To build size in any muscle you want to figure out a way to overload with weight when possible. Same as how you want to be squatting to build big legs or rowing to build a bigger back, you want to be pushing some serious weight to build a big chest.

This is where weighted dips come in. If you want to get the best out of chest dips you have to figure out a way to weight the exercise. You can easily do this by wearing a weighted vest to perform the exercise or by simply holding a dumbbell between your feet. Of course, you can always wear a dip belt and attach a couple Olympic plates (as much as you can handle) and start cranking out those reps.

Far too often, guys become comfortable with their chest workout routines and they become exactly that…routine. The dips are usually the last exercise in the workout, meant simply as a rep burnout exercise after the heavy lifting has already taken place. It doesn’t have to be that way though.

In addition to shifting them much earlier in your workout, you also want to be sure you are performing the exercise the right way. Make sure never to allow your shoulders to collapse at the bottom of your dip reps. This means, you should not look like you are doing a shrug in the lowest position. Your shoulders should remain “packed” or down and back, to engage your lats and mid back as stabilizers which will allow your chest to push with more force and do more of the work.

The angle of your body should always be forward as well. This acts to place your body more into a suspended pushup position, where you can more effectively target the chest than you could if you were positioned more upright.

Start incorporating these dip tips into your workout and when you are ready to take your entire body to a whole new level of development and start building serious athletic muscle, head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System.

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