The BEST Total Body Exercise (You're NOT Doing!)

Want more than just the best exercise? Get the best workout…

Let’s face it, there are so many total body exercises that are incredibly important and that belong in your workout program. That said, the argument can be made that the best total body exercises are the ones that you’re NOT doing! Case in point, in this video I show you an exercise that belongs in your workout program.

This is a new total body exercise that I developed to help you develop the proper hip hinge (for all of your other important muscle building exercises like squats, rows, deadlifts, etc) and activation of the glutes. This band assisted glute thrust can be done with one or two bands depending on the intention of the exercise.

If you’re looking to wake up the glutes and get more muscle activation from your hips then I suggest doing this exercise with one band. If on the other hand you are looking to develop more strength in your glutes, then I suggest driving into extension using two bands for resistance.

You may be asking yourself why I call this a “total body exercise” after all? It’s because the hips are at the center of literally everything we do. They are not only at the center of gravity but they are involved in almost all of our upper body exercises and lower body exercises. Trying to complete a squat, deadlift or row without involving the hips would be impossible. Heck, even stabilizing the hips during a curl is critical to getting the exercise right.

For that reason, I consider this a fundamentally important total body exercise that you should be doing in your workouts if you aren’t already.

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