The BIG BACK Workout Wideners (2 BEST EXERCISES!!)

Don’t stop at a wider back, build a complete athletic body here…

Any back workout that is geared at helping you build a bigger back must focus on two things. First you need to improve the thickness front to back, but even then, you’re far from finished. No big back is complete without the noted v shape or v tapered lats that come from doing the right exercises.

In this video, I show you how to get a big wide back and thicker lats using the two best back exercises to get it done. One of these back exercises targets the lats while the other targets the often overlooked teres major muscle. The teres major, when developed, helps to spread your lats out and give you the appearance of a wider, larger back.

The only pieces of equipment you will need to do these back exercises is a pullup bar and a resistance band. If you do this back workout in the gym you can use a cable pulley machine with either a rope attachment or a straight bar.

The first exercise for a big back and v shape lats is the wide grip pullup. This version of the pullup is great since it teaches you to pull your elbows down and into your sides as opposed to straight down. By driving your elbows into your ribcage you train the lats along their natural line of pull and help to develop them more fully and to be wider in appearance.

The second back exercise for wider lats is the straight arm pushdown. This overlooked back exercise for a bigger back is great as it helps to put the lats on stretch in the eccentric part of the rep and again drives them into your sides for a complete contraction. On top of that though, it helps target the teres major muscle for an even wider back.

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