The EASIEST Bodyweight Exercise (You CAN'T Do!!)

Unlock all new muscle gains using just your bodyweight!

Some people make the huge mistake of thinking that bodyweight exercises can’t be hard enough to build true muscle. That couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, even the most simple of bodyweight movements can turn into a killer workout with the right overload.

Check out this dead bar hang exercise and try this home bodyweight workout challenge. All you need to do it is a pullup bar, something to time yourself with, and a whole lot of determination!

Let’s face it. This bodyweight exercise is very basic and simple. What makes it so hard is the time required to perform it to pass the challenge. In this calisthenics challenge, you’ll have to muster up the bodyweight mastery of Frank Medrano to see if you can hold yourself up on the bar for at least 2 minutes and 30 seconds (or even 3 minutes if you’ve got it in you!)

The key to this movement is to tighten your core to minimize your swing, and to stabilize your shoulders by “packing” them down and back. From here, your forearms and grip will be put to the true test, as holding onto the bar will quickly become pure body weight torture as the burn sets in!

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