The Forgotten Back Exercise (UNLOCK HIDDEN STRENGTH!)

Stop letting your back hold back your true strength…

Some back exercises get more attention than others, but that’s not always a good thing. In fact, in this video I show you the one back exercise that gets overlooked more than any other. The straight arm pushdown is perhaps one of the greatest back exercises because of its ability to not only help you build bigger, wider lats but because of the stability it creates in your entire upper body.

The back and lats specifically play a vital role in coordinating the strength of the upper and lower body. When you have a back and glutes that play well together you have a much stronger body functioning as a whole.

This back exercise is just one example of that. In fact, the straight arm pushdown helps to groove the function of the lats for a deadlift. When you perform a deadlift you have to be sure that you are engaging your back and lats as hard as you possibly can. You need to contract your lats by internally rotating your shoulders and keeping your elbows tight to your sides.

From here, you execute the lift with very little leakage of power. You now can lift more weight as the force is preserved from the lower body up through your arms. The same can be said of many exercises for back. When you maximize the strength of your back you can turn any back exercise into an exercise for a thicker back, wider back or stronger back.

When guys train with ATHLEAN-X they see what it is like to train like an athlete. If you want to get a big, wide back like a pro athlete you need to start training like one. You can do so at with the A-X system.

If you are just looking for videos on how to get a wider back with specific exercises or just to get bigger lats, you’ll want to search our entire library of workout videos here on youtube. If you want lots of videos on the best back exercises you can subscribe at

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