The Forgotten Core Exercises (NOT ABS!)

Build an incredibly strong core by training like an athlete here

All too often, people mistake core training for just those exercises that you do that train your abs. If you want to get a truly strong core and midsection, as well as maintain a healthy back, you have to start looking lower and broader when you workout your core. In this video, I show you how one of the most important core muscles is not actually anywhere near your abs or obliques. The glute medius, located around your pelvis and hips, is certainly one of the most overlooked but important core muscles that you need to start targeting.

I show you two core exercises you can do for the gluteus medius. The first is one that involves no equipment and is a bodyweight core exercise option for you that you can do anywhere. Using just a wall or something sturdy to stand next to and hold on, you can light up your hips by attempting to perform 50 concentrated contractions of your glute medius in both directions.

Don’t worry if you cannot make it to all 50 reps before fatigue sets in. You wouldn’t be alone. In fact, there are plenty of professional athletes who can squat a lot of weight that simply don’t have the strength in this often weak but important hip muscle.

Next, we add resistance with a band and challenge you in a few additional planes of motion. We do this with a band resisted palof press. This core exercise can be done with either a cable or a band depending on whether you are doing it in a gym or at home. The key to this movement is that you are incorporating and challenging multiple planes of motion at once. Your abs will feel a great deal of the work as well as they try and control the rotation that is created by the pull of the bands.

Aim to complete 15 reps pressing out to the front, without having to put your foot down on the ground. Likewise, look to complete an additional 15 reps with your hands pressing overhead. Of course, perform this exercise on both legs as shown.

The key to getting a strong core is to understand what the core muscles really are (not just your abs) and which exercises best target them. This is just another example of how training like an athlete and not overlooking any part of your training can not only help you to see better results…but will help you get them faster.

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