The HEALTHY HAMSTRINGS Workout | Prevent Hamstring Injuries!

Take a look at more hamstrings workouts and more than likely you’ll see the hamstring curl as the primary exercise in the workout. If you find one like this or are currently following a workout like this…I’m asking you to do just one thing…STOP IT!

While it’s true that the hamstring curl machine may in fact train the muscles of the leg to bend the knee and activate the hamstrings…this is NOT the way these muscles work in function. The minute you get up on your feet and stand (as you do for almost 90% of all sports and activities) you no longer need the hamstrings to actively flex the knee. As a matter of fact, they do the opposite!

When you’re standing, the hamstrings actually decelerate knee bending and instead actually straighten the knee!! Crazy I know since it’s backwards from everything you’ve been taught…but true.

When you train using a workout that teaches the hamstrings how to bend the knee you’re actually setting yourself up for an injury to the very same muscle you were trying to prevent that in.

Start training your muscles the way they were MEANT to be trained with AthLEAN-X leading the way. Not only will you stay healthier but you’ll also see that you’ll get quicker results since you’ll be working the muscles the way they were intended to work.

If you want to train not only the hamstrings the right way, but the whole body…then head to and get the complete AthLEAN-X Training System. You’re legs will thank you!

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