The Impossible Sit-Up (CAN YOU DO A REP?!?)

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While nothing is impossible, this version of the sit-up for your abs may come pretty darn close. The impossible sit up is one of the absolute hardest ab exercises to perform, and the simplest to look at. This deceptively easy sit-up is made difficult by the way in which you do it.

In this video, I show you how to perform an advanced version of the Janda sit-up for your abs. The traditional variation of this ab exercise allows you to anchor your feet under something while performing it. In this exercise, you are not allowed to place your feet under anything and you must keep your toes flat on the ground the entire rep.

When you avoid lifting the toes you prevent the anterior tibialis muscles from granting you the slight leverage needed to lift your torso off the ground during the crunch. This makes a huge difference. Alternatively, you could dig your heels into the ground with your legs out a bit straighter, and find this sit up version to become much easier. The added weight of your legs out in front of you gives you more leverage and counter balance to be able to execute the sit up easier.

This impossible ab exercise is definitely something that someone will be able to do. That said, it’s going to take a tremendous amount of ab and core strength to pull it off.

The Impossible Sit-Up Challenge

See if you can execute one rep of the impossible sit-up!

Challenge your friends by making sure to click share beneath the video or simply posting it on Facebook and calling out someone to try it. It’s ok if you want to throw in a little friendly trash talk as well. We can always use a little extra motivation.

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