The Invictus Workout - Build Muscle like Matt Damon

It seems like every actor in Hollywood is able to add 10, 20 or even 30 pounds of muscle with ease…just to play a new role. As we talked about last week, young Taylor Lautner, when confronted with the possibility of not being cast as the werewolf in the Twilight sequel, worked his butt off to add 30 pounds to his frame to not be denied.

Next up this week is Matt Damon. In order to be convincing as a South African rugby player, he built pounds of new muscle. His new physique has everybody talking. How did he do it?

Well, as only AthLEAN-X and celebrity fitness trainer Jeff Cavaliere can do, we’re going to break down
how you can get your body rugby “rugged”….or just plain jacked using a unique combination of high intensity conditioning and circuit based strength training to build more muscle fast. Just like the pros do!

When you’re done watching this, make sure to head over to and learn more about the workout system that you can do at home, that has the fitness industry buzzing, “The greatest new training program on the market today. Finally something real guys can do and follow easy that actually makes adding muscle fun!”

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