The Key To Staying Motivated In The Gym.


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Motivation for me is much deeper than just looking at photos or videos of people who inspire me. When you’re younger or just starting out this may seem to be enough. But as you begin to make gains, it takes more inspiration to fill that same cup that once seemed to spill over with drive and the willpower to reach your goals.

What I have learned is that without a truly deep “core” reason, we often falter and have a hard time staying focused. Short term goals are great but if you don’t have a long term goal to accompany them, you may find yourself lost once they are completed.

In this video I talk about my goals and what kept me motivated as a young boy and how that motivation lead me to find my core reason which keeps me on track now as an adult. I hope that after watching this video you’ll be able to look deep inside and discover the reason you need to keep yourself on track so that you can continue to make gains with your fitness goals as well! #HTH #SHFAthlete

(0:14)- My childhood growing up & when I started of lifting
(1:42)- Getting bullied at school and channeling my anger
(2:10)- We all had a little kid big belly!
(2:22)- Me when I was 12 and skinny!
(3:20)- When I started lifting, there was no YouTube®.
(3:57)- The point in my life where fitness became more of a passion instead of a release for anger
(4:22)- Motivational videos & music are great, but what do you do when those are not enough?
(5:24)- You need to be able to look inside yourself
(6:05)- What is my core reason?
(6:35)- My core reason as a kid
(6:44)- My core reason as an adult
(8:19)- What is YOUR reason?
(8:42)- How I reconnect with myself when I am feeling overwhelmed
(10:12)- Why do you need to keep digging until you find your core reason?

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