The PERFECT Home Ab Exercise (5 REASONS WHY!!)

Build the perfect abs at home (or at the gym) with this…

Finding the perfect ab exercise to do in your home ab workout is tough when you consider how many ab exercises there are as options. That said, I break down in this ab workout video, what just might be the perfect home abs exercise you can be doing.

There are 5 reasons why I feel that this ab exercise belongs in your next home workout. First, it can be done with nothing but your own bodyweight. With no equipment required, you can literally do this exercise anywhere and start carving out your six pack abs.

Secondly, this ab exercise is adaptable to any level of difficulty. If you are just a beginner looking for an easy ab workout to do at home, you can do the modified version of this by pressing your legs higher up rather than further out.

Third, this exercise allows you to overload your abs and treat them as the muscles that they are, using your legs as the resistance. With the force of gravity making it harder, you can attack your abs and provide the stimulus needed to improve them.

Fourth, we want to be able to hit both the abdominals and the obliques with one exercise. This home ab workout option does just that and therefore allows you to train your abs a lot faster. You can even do this as part of a 8 minute or even 6 minute home ab workout if you are pressed for time.

Finally, using the bottom up rotation and anti-rotation components that are recommended in any well thought out and successful ab workout routine, this ab exercise shows you a home option that covers both of these requirements.

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