The Supplements I Use to Build Muscle + Chest & Back Workout | Joesthetics

Jo Lindner (Joesthetics) takes us through a full day and explains which Primeval Labs supplements he uses and why. Plus Joesthetics does a chest & back Workout.
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| Pre Workout supplements |

Mega Pre Red: Next Level Pre-Workout for Energy, Focus, Pumps and Performance*
Enhance maximize athletic performance, and that begins with improving blood flow to working muscles.* (

| Intra Workout Supplements |

EAA Max: With full amino acid profile and 5g of BCAAs per serving to support muscle growth & recovery* With electrolyte & hydration support, no artificial flavors or Ace-K* (

Intracel 7 Black: Intra-Workout Supplement With All Nine Essential Amino Acids To Support Performance & Endurance* Contains 20g Fast-Digesting Carbohydrates for Energy* (

| Post Workout Supplements |

Isolit Protein: Contains 25g high quality whey protein isolate per scoop to support muscle growth & recovery* Featuring HemiSEB® digestive enzyme blend for nutrient absoption* (

00:00 – Intro
00:37 – Morning Supplements
01:40 – Pre Workout Supplements
02:09 – Intra Workout Supplements
02:55 – Chest & Back Workout
09:48 – Post Workout Supplements
10:30 – Post Workout Meal

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