The Thor "300" Workout - SNEAK PEEK!


When it comes to building superhero or movie star muscle nothing gets it done more than the Thor Workout. As fans of the movie 300 and the 300 workout know…building muscle for a movie role is a common occurrence in Hollywood. But the main question is….how do they do it??

Enter celebrity trainer and trainer to the stars Jeff Cavaliere. The creator of the AthLEAN-X Training System shows you how to incorporate just one move from his famous THOR WORKOUT to allow you to build lean muscle faster than the star of the movie himself.

Using unstable training and integrated muscle movements….Cavaliere takes the secrets of hollywood muscle and brings them straight to you. Now you can start getting results you thought were reserved for everyone BUT you.

When you’re done watching this video, be sure to head to and get the complete THOR 300 WORKOUT with your purchase of the AthLEAN-X Training System! It’s the ultimate combo for getting you all new muscle, while burning fat in record time! It’s time to get AthLEAN!

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