THE TRANSFORMERS WORKOUT!! | Total Body 6 Circuit Workout

Transform Your Body with ATHLEAN-X Workouts –

The only thing more synonymous with Summer than a good workout is a blockbuster movie. This workout is an ATHLEAN-X retro-throwback video (recorded over two years ago) that provides you with a total body workout that you can do in just 6 circuits. Welcome to the Transformers your Body Total body workout.

In this insane Summer workout you’ll be able to hit every muscle group in your upper body, lower body and core with one quick paced, nonstop action workout. Eighteen exercises spread over 6 circuits that is sure to deliver a boost to your lean muscle as well as your conditioning.

In this workout you’ll find….

OPTIMUS PRIME – Semi Power Push Circuit

Power exercises geared at developing a strong upper and lower body!

SCORPINOK – Stamina Stinger Circuit

Be fleet of foot as you work on improving your conditioning and your footwork!

BUMBLEBEE – Flight and Height Circuit

It’s time to get X-plosive with this plyometric heavy circuit

STARSCREAM – Cosmo Cutter Abs Circuit

Your abs will “scream” with this core cutting workout circuit!

RATCHET – Roto-Pull Circuit

It’s all about the back and biceps in this “pulling” power workout circuit!

MEGATRON – Med Ball Blast Circuit

Have a “ball”. This one tool will allow you to build your body in all new ways!

So there you have it. One complete total body workout that you can do in 6 circuits and in less than 40 minutes. It’s what you’d expect from ATHLEAN-X workouts by now though isn’t it? See how you can get a complete body transformation by using the same workout program used by today’s top athletes! See the athleanx program at

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