The Ultimate Ab Rollout Progression (BEGINNER TO ADVANCED!)

Roll out your ultimate abs in the next 90 days starting here…

The ab rollout exercise is one of the undisputed best ab exercises you can do to build core strength and six pack abs. That said, if you do it incorrectly you can quickly hurt yourself. This video shows you how to do an ab rollout using either an ab wheel, a physioball or a barbell. The proper progression between the variations of this ab exercise are also shown so you can adapt it to meet your current ability level.

To start, you want to perform the ab rollouts from a physioball since it provides you with a higher elevation from the ground. The closer you get to parallel to the ground the more your body will have to fight the force of gravity. Your abs and core will work on overtime to try and resist the urge to cave in and crash to the ground.

From this plank position you can begin by performing small circular movements like the physioball stirs, or more dynamic movements like the alphabet abs exercise demands. From there, you can attempt your first ab roll out rep making sure to stabilize your core throughout the movement.

Once you’ve mastered the physioball version of this ab exercise you want to move onto the actual ab wheel. This piece of ab training equipment is still one of the absolute best ways to hit your abs. You perform the ab wheel rollouts first from your knees to be sure you’ve got enough ab strength to do it properly.

Next you move up to the barbell rollout version of this exercise. The wheel effect is the same but you get the increased force of friction that you must overcome on the way back in. In the video I’m using three hundred and fifteen pounds and the abs have to work really hard to control the outward momentum and pull back in.

Start by giving this ab rollout progression a try and when you’re ready to take your six pack ab results to the next level, head to and get the complete pro athlete training system. Go from a zero pack to a 6 pack in the next 90 days with a professional athlete trainer coaching your every workout.

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