The ULTIMATE Body Power UK Experience! SHF & MUSCLEGENES!


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Erica and I FINALLY made it to the UK and we met so many amazing UK Hermanites! You were all just some of the nicest people Erica and I have ever met! This year we teamed up with which is a company at the forefront of gene testing athletes to best determine the most effective ways of training based on their genetic make-up. It’s REALLY interesting stuff! We hope that as SHF continues to grow we will be able to introduce more companies like MuscleGenes to the community to help you all reach your goals. Will Erica and I make it to BodyPower Expo again next year? You know it! #HTH #SHFAthlete

(2:18)- Flying Virgin Atlantic!
(1:35)- MuscleGenes photo shoot at Colossus Gym!
(1:48)- Behind The Scenes Footage!
(2:02)- Meet Dr. Daniel Reardon- MuscleGenes CEO
(2:31)- Welcome to BODYPOWER!
(2:38)- Team MuscleGenes Obviously had to take a swing at the punching bag game!
(3:28)- Welcome to the MuscleGenes booth!
(3:45)- Day one with Erica!
(4:08)- Time to meet some HERMANITES!
(8:29)- My on stage performance at BodyPower UK!
(10:10)- Six-Pack Transformation by Hermanite Curtis High!

(12:02)- Last day of the show! See you all next year! #HTH #SHFAthlete

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