The ULTIMATE Bodyweight TRICEPS Exercise!

It’s hard to come by a bodyweight triceps exercise that doesn’t involve some type of pushup or dip. That said, it’s even harder to find a suitable bodyweight substitution exercise for the lying triceps extension or skullcrusher (that is usually performed with dumbbells or a heavy bar).

Consider that now a problem of the past!

Introducing the Standing Skullcrusher bodyweight only tricep exercise. Don’t have a bar? No problem. You can simply use a bed, couch, chair or step in your house to perform this incredible triceps torcher on.

Once again AthLEAN-X brings you a creative way to develop nothing but 100% pure lean muscle and how to integrate multiple muscle groups together to ensure even faster growth! If you haven’t already done so…head over to to get the same workout and nutrition program used by today’s top professional athletes!

Let celebrity trainer Jeff Cavaliere show you how to quickly, safely and effectively build muscle without the bull! It’s time to get AthLEAN!

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