The Ultimate UFC Knockouts WORKOUT - Will you TAPOUT

Train Like an Athlete –

Some of the most impressive UFC Knockouts are the result of a pure mismatch in the strength and conditioning of the two fighters. Those MMA fighters that prepare their bodies the most outside of the octagon are often the ones that can bring the most vicious power with them (and damage to their opponents)!

The best UFC knockouts are those that happen suddenly! One second a guy can look injured or stunned and the next he can be delivering a killer knockout punch that wows the entire crowd.

What causes this? Explosive muscles. Training with explosive MMA workouts. Getting the body in the best shape possible to be not only resilient to damage but to be able to dish it out based on pure strength and untiring physical conditioning. This is what makes an explosive UFC fighter and this is what makes for an incredibly strong and sudden finish to a fight.

If you want to become more explosive and feared in the octagon…or even if you don’t fight but want to become a more ripped, athletically built person, then it’s time to start working out like an athlete with ATHLEAN-X.

Use exercises in this workout like the Clean, Press and Lunge….the band resisted mountain climbers, sprawling burpees and more…and start looking like an athlete in the next 90 days and beyond. Try this Ultimate UFC Knockout Workout and then get the complete program at

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