The WORST Hamstring Stretch (But Everyone Does It!!)

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Without a doubt, hamstrings are one of the tightest muscle groups in men…and in need of a good hamstring stretch. The problem is, the single hamstring stretch that most people rely on to try and help them loosen up these tight muscles…is flat out wrong!

In this video, I show you how to stretch your hamstrings the right way. Realizing that the hamstrings is comprised of three separate muscles that cross both the hip and the knee, you have to address each of these independently if you want to fix the problem.

You next have to understand that the hamstrings can act to flex the knee, extend the hip and posteriorly tilt the pelvis. In order to stretch your hamstrings you will have to do the opposite. You should try to extend the knee, flex the hip and anteriorly rotate the pelvis. The first two are done almost all the time, and are actually shown in the thumbnail picture for this hamstring stretching video.

The problem is that this is a big mistake. Forgetting to address the pelvic tilt is the biggest problem. I show you how to stretch your hamstring by focusing on getting into an anterior pelvic tilt and extending the knee.

Get into this stretch and hold it for 30-60 seconds on each leg if you want to fix your tight hamstrings.

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