Three Exercises To Boost Hamstring Development!


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Isolating your hamstrings all comes down to proper form. These three exercises can be used as an entire hamstring workout or to switch things up with your current routine. If you do not have the grip strength to lift heavy on some of the exercises, it is ok to use a switch grip or wrist straps. Keep in mind that flexibility will play a key role in some of the exercises as well.

Try your best to train in the full range of motion of each exercise and do not break form for weight.

If you have tight hips / hamstrings / lower back, spend some time stretching, morning an after workouts, each day to loosen up for better mobility when you lift! #HTH #SHFAthlete

If your form is lacking due to inflexibility, but you feel like you need increase the intensity of your exercises you can choose to change the TEMPO instead.

By apply a 3 — 4 second negative to your exercises you can safely increase the intensity without breaking form.

Utilize the warm-ups in the article below to help increase your mobility as well! #HTH

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